The club had its first meeting on January 30th 2011. Based on the principal that folk music as always, is a way for people to pass on events, life stories and traditions in a social and friendly atmosphere. Giving everybody the opportunity of a venue where this can happen. All of us have something to contribute, either through music, song, story and/or just coming along to listen (but don’t be surprised if you find yourself joining in).

Our guest nights are there to inspire performers and give general enjoyment to all who attend.

The club is open every Sunday evening except in August when we take a well earned break.

We are a voluntary not for profit organisation who aim to provide a true folk environment. Our pricing Policy is based on being able to pay a performers a reasonable fee, at the same time keeping the cost to members and visitors as low as possible. This is only because regular club members who pay a small fee each week enable us to pay performers a mutually agreeable fee. Occasionally we get extra money to help so in order to encourage people to turn out when we can, we offer low prices to visitors and members alike. It is all about encouragement!

The Club Needs Support from more regular members! Come along sing and play in this acoustically superb and non judgemental venue. Open your mind to the freedom of folk.

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