Brackley Folk Club


At the CREWE ARMS Hinton in the Hedges

Our club has a reputation for always having a warm and friendly welcome. All are welcome to come along and sing, play or recite, no judgements are made, courage to do something is always positively received. If you feel you need to be mic’d up we have a small PA, however the acoustics are such that it is not needed. Any youngsters who play guitar, fiddle, flute and you want to show what you can do please come along.

The club will be closed for January & February and reopen on the 8th of March

15th of March the club are pleased offer and evening with


Thanks Gail & Neil of the Crewe Armes for supporting the club and not just providing the venue but for some excellent encouragement and superb beer. Always worth a visit for some excellent food and accommodation!

The club usually runs every Sunday evening our aim being to provide a venue to promote and to contribute to our rich traditional folk heritage and to encourage others to take part and through our guest evenings to inspire. We create a friendly atmosphere where all are welcome. We ask a contribution of £2 towards the running costs on non guest nights in order we can support our well known artists for future guest evenings and possible free public event to enthuse perhaps others. Guest evenings will vary in fee amount depend on fee charged by the artist/s.

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