Brackley Folk Club


After almost 18 months to the day Brackley Folk Club is back. We are meeting in Brackley Library community room as from Sunday the 19th of September. NN13 6AJ on Manor Road next to the Ambulance Station

The club will run monthly on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 8:00pm until about 10:30ish.

Our aim remains the same: To provide a venue to promote and to contribute to our rich traditional folk heritage and to encourage others to take part and through our guest evenings to inspire.

We create a friendly atmosphere where all are welcome.

We ask a contribution of £5 towards the running costs as the venue is not free but will cost the club £30 for the 3 hrs. This money not only gives us a home it will help support Brackley Library. Bring your own drinks as we are not allowed to sell alcohol. Tea & Coffee may well be available after the initial evening or once we are use to the venue. on non guest nights in order we can support our well known artists for future guest evenings and possible free public event to enthuse perhaps others.

Guest evenings will vary in fee amount depend on fee charged by the artist/s.

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